Order Information & Damage Waiver Form - Please acknowledge at the bottom, Thank you!

  1. I have requested that Malanga Farm Market & Greenhouses, LLC. Inc. deliver products to my address. I understand that they will take normal & reasonable precautions while delivering products to this site.
  2. Please understand that our delivery trucks are heavy and therefore we prefer to stay in the middle of your driveway (please take extra caution if the driveway is less than one year old). Please keep in mind that our trucks “dump” so special attention should be made when choosing your dump location (for example, low lying tree limbs).
  3. For most deliveries, placement of the product is usually on the driveway or any reasonable hard surface. Please mark the location (i.e. garbage can or tarp) to help ensure the exact location.
  4. If you are ordering a color enhanced mulch, please note that the environmentally safe color enhancement can cause discolorations and/or stains to driveways, vinyl siding or any light-colored material.
  5. If the driver cannot safely dump the mulch at the requested location, it will be placed in the driveway or the delivery will be cancelled.
  6. Malanga Farm Market & Greenhouses, LLC. is given sole permission to dump landscape materials to designated site.  Malanga Farm Market & Greenhouses, LLC. is not held responsible for property damage incurred due to this delivery. Customer accepts responsibility for any fees associated with towing and/or removing of Malanga Farm Market & Greenhouses, LLC.’s equipment/vehicles from property associated with this delivery if in any area outside of recommended dump areas.

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